Athletics sport line

Lipolytic properties (fat removal). Low vectorized form to enhance its effectiveness. It is applied before the sports activity to perfect the silhouette. Product for :   Skin type - All skin types
For a skin with high protecFor highly protective skin and a luminous tan under control for the face and sensitive areas. protects from infrared and ultraviolet rays. Product for: Type of skin - All skin types.
An enveloping oil specially formulated for sports activity with a triple objective: to tone, compensate and comfort the skin.   100% natural extract of Candeia essential oil, tree originating in Brazil, recognized for its soothing properties.   Product for :   Skin type   - All skin types
Objective: Unify An amazing texture that transforms during application to suit all skin tones and types. This EE* cream contains encapsulated pigments to instantly target and correct visible imperfections on the skin surface. * Energy Enhancer / Embellisseur Energie Ideal as a foundation, it corrects, unifies skin tone and provides luminosity to blur...
Very effective formula to regenerate the skin and restore its hydration in a lasting way. Moisturizes the skin with intensity, the skin regains its flexibility, is as regenerated and its youth preserved. Whey optimizes the effectiveness of the cream. Product for :  Skin type - All skin types
To moisturize the skin immediately and protect it daily.   Dry skin in a state of dehydration. Dry skin with expression wrinkles in contour, forehead, nasogenian area, etc... Dry skin with small wrinkles on the face due to lack of hydration Product for :   Skin type   - Normal to mixed skin
Facial care

Sothys soothing SOS serum

It quickly neutralizes permanent or temporary sensations of discomfort and limits their appearance. immediately soothes the diffuse redness of the skin.   Product for :   Skin type   - Sensitive skin
Unctuous cream with camomile extract, chamomile and sweet almond extract to remove impurities produced by the skin daily gently.   Product for :   Skin type   - All skin types
Facial care

Water make-up remover micellar sothys

Makeup remover gently, effectively and in a single gesture the face and eyes, makeup remover 2 in 1 gently and effectively in a single gesture the face and eyes. You don't need clarification.   Product for :   Skin type   - All skin types
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