Firming-Anticellulite Slimming Treatment

The Body Sculptor Bath and Shower Gel helps sculpt the silhouette by acting on fluid retention and localized grease.  It helps to sculpt the silhouette with a liporeducing and restructuring action. It provides a firming and tightening effect of the skin, as well as improving its quality by hydrating and nourishing it.
Alchemical tincture handcrafted based on the ancient knowledge of the alchemical school. It acts as a vitalizing, refreshing and energetic body tonic. It has a craft manufacturing process respecting
Generous Bust body oil, or Bust Beautifier, molds and enhances the shape of the bust giving it a higher volume appearance. Ideal oil for the chest, its pure essential oils contain components very similar to female hormones that act as regulators and enhancers of women's energy flow. Its action is particularly noticeable in the bust giving firmness and...
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