Facial cleanser that revitalizes your face and provides freshness to your skin. For all skin types. 125 ml tube. Can be used in the morning and evening. With Aloe Vera.
Is your skin and hair damaged? This 2-in-1 gel contains D-Panthenol, an ingredient that provides hydration and regenerates your skin and hair. It leaves your skin and hair soft, thanks to the natural softening agents it contains, which provide a pleasant feeling of comfort.
Seductive Man enhances the masculine essence and the power of seduction of man. Raise your consciousness to the pleasure of physical and spiritual joy.
The Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Day Moisturizing Cream REJUVENATE, visibly softens the appearance of existing wrinkles and prevents their appearance, providing a moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating effect. It exerts a protective function against free radicals and oxidative processes that cause premature aging.
Provides an immediate sensation of freshness and well-being after the aggression of razor shaving. Limits the appearance of pimples due to shaving. Product for: Type of skin - All skin types

The Herbal Tea CM21 for Man

Centro Messegue
REF. 9009
The Herbal Tea CM21 for Man, is indicated to increase the basal metabolism, reorganize the production of hormones (whose lack is the first cause of overweight in men).
Invigorating After-Shave Cellular Toner With stabilized cell extracts (5%) + phyto extracts Glass jar 50ml Ref. 3115.0801 All skin types From the age of 20 Cito + Phyto-Cosmetics Product based on cyto- and phytocomplexes Revitalizing and wellness action

Cellular Revitalizing Cream - Cellmen Face Cellcosmet

Cellcosmet Cellmen
Ref. 851.501
Revitalizing Cell Cream for Men With stabilized cell extracts (14%) Jar 50ml Ref. 851.501 All skin types From the age of 25 Cyto-Cosmetics Product based on cell complexes - cito Revitalizing and rebalancing action
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