SENSUALITY Intimate Oil 5ml alqvimia...

SENSUALITY Intimate Oil 5ml alqvimia alquimia

Reconnect and rediscover the most sacred, magical, and spiritual part of your sexual energy, which is both human and divine. Feel the feeling of purity with your body and your feminine energy

Sensuality Intimate Oil

• Acts as a beauty flash and keeps the area hydrated and soft.

• Provides an intense sensation that can contribute to female orgasm and act as a powerful aphrodisiac.

• Increases a woman's magnetism and attraction power.

• Helps you feel better about yourself.

• It opens you to the joy of all kinds of experiences, sensuality intimate oil invites us to perceive the joyful side of life.

• Connects you to wisdom and intuition. It opens you to a spiritual dimension of your feminine being. It opens you to that latent spiritual power in every woman

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