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From the first day take care and protect the skin of your children and babies. Thanks to the properties of aromatherapy, its lively fragrance will help the baby feel happy and relaxed. The Alqvimia Children and Babies range has great relaxing power, and thanks to the aroma of citrus fruits, it connects emotionally with the joy of living typical of...
The delicate skin of our children and babies requires special care through products formulated for them. ALQVIMIA offers the perfect solution with the range of products for Children and Babies. The Bath and Shower Gel for Children and Babies has been made based on active principles such as St. John's wort extract and a synergy of citrus essential oils...
Bath and shower gel that complements the Queen of Egypt treatment, cleanses, nourishes and protects the skin, leaving it soft as velvet. Its exotic fragrance envelops women in a halo of fascination and charm.
The Body Sculptor Bath and Shower Gel helps sculpt the silhouette by acting on fluid retention and localized grease.  It helps to sculpt the silhouette with a liporeducing and restructuring action. It provides a firming and tightening effect of the skin, as well as improving its quality by hydrating and nourishing it.
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