Anti-Stretch Mark Preventive Body Oil...

Anti-Stretch Mark Preventive Body Oil 150 ml

The Anti-Stretch Mark Oil prevents the appearance and development of stretch marks during pregnancy, post-partum, dieting or adolescence.

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The Anti-Stretch Marks Body Oil has sublime effects for devitalized and dehydrated areas of the body, leaving the skin smooth, soft and nourished. You will regain the firmness of the skin and combat stretch marks.

The Preventive Anti-Stretch Marks Body Oil is made from the purest raw materials of natural origin. Almond Oil provides elasticity to the skin, Hazelnut Oil firms and hydrates the tissues, and the formula is completed by Rosehip and Wheat Germ Oils, whose regenerating and nourishing, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle properties, respectively, promote recovery and maintenance. of skin functions.

The Anti-Stretch Mark Preventive Body Oil can be used throughout pregnancy to provide the hydration that is lost due to the hormonal changes that occur during those months and prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

We also recommend the use of Preventive Anti-Stretch Marks Body Oil to hydrate dry and cracked skin.


Store in a cool, dry place protected from direct light.*Possible changes in color and smell are normal due to the natural components of the product and do not affect its quality in any way.

How to use

Apply the Preventive Anti-Stretch Marks Body Oil with a gentle upward massage throughout the body, paying special attention to the areas of interest with circular movements, with clean and slightly moistened skin after the bath or shower.

We recommend previously rubbing the skin with Queen of Hungary Water* to enhance the anti-stretch mark effect of the Oil.

*Caution: Do not use Queen of Hungary Water if pregnant.

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