Intensive Rejuvenating Body Oil 150 ml

Intensive Rejuvenating Body Oil 150 ml

The first body preparation formulated by Alqvimia following the processes of spagyria. This body oil helps to slow down skin degeneration, resulting in younger, smoother and softer skin. It is an ideal nourishing balm for damaged skin as it restores its natural beauty. Ideal for mature skin.

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The purpose of this body oil is to rejuvenate mature skin by providing 100% natural hydration and nutrition. Recover the splendor of soft, velvety, smooth and visibly rejuvenated skin.

The Intensive Rejuvenating Body Oil, thanks to the synergy of resins and essential oils, will provide protection and hydration to your skin.

This body elixir is made according to alchemical procedures from the maceration of resins and noble woods such as sandalwood, myrrh, incense or benzoin, along with the most exquisite essential oils of lemon, palmarosa, geranium, myrrh and incense. A cocktail of youth for the skin, which regains its firmness, thanks to the anti-aging effect of myrrh and incense, already known by the oldest civilizations.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Shake before using. Changes in odor and color may occur, due to the natural components of the product components, which do not affect the quality of the product.

How to use:

Apply daily with a gentle upward massage all over the body. After each bath or shower, apply the Intensive Rejuvenating Body Oil with an upward massage. We recommend using the Queen of Hungary's Water beforehand.

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