Hypericum Oil 60 ml

Hypericum Oil 60 ml

Hypericum Oil, also called St. John's Wort Oil, acts as a regenerator and moisturiser while having an anti-ageing effect, diminishing the marks of recent scars and soothing and regenerating minor burns.

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We make this precious oil meticulously following the rules of the ancient alchemists. Thus, after harvesting the St. John's Wort at the appropriate astrological moment, we let it macerate in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil under the sun and moon so that it reaches the ruby color and the properties that characterize it, respecting the times of nature.

Alqvimia's St. John's Wort Extract is 100% natural and is macerated in first cold-pressed olive oil, acting as a regenerator with a high softening, moisturizing, restructuring, and dermoprotective power.


Photosensitive product, do not expose yourself to the sun or other sources of sunlight after use. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Topical use.

*Color and odor changes may occur due to the natural components of the product, these changes do not affect its quality.

How to use:

Apply at night with a light massage in those areas that we want to regenerate. We recommend mixing 50% with Rosehip to enhance its effects.

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